Thursday, February 15, 2007

Attention: Barack Obama

Mr. Obama,
I decided today to take a look through your website to try and get an idea of what your candidacy will bring to the political debate in this country. I am sorry to report that I was very disappointed by what I saw. There was not one policy point laid out by your campaign that was exciting, innovative or new. I noticed how the section on ending the war in Iraq was a short blurb, dwarfed by the section on honoring our veterans. The section on improving education included just three mundane positions, each explained away in a quick paragraph. One would think that the healthcare section would have some pronouncements on ways to fight the gross inefficiency in the medical sector and the lack of coverage for 45 million people. Nope. There was not even a section on environmental problems, a pressing issue more and more Americans are waking up to. What does this say about your campaign so far. It says that like so many presidential hopefuls before, you are unwilling to present a vision that is bold and exciting. You would rather play it so safe as to make your running for president unimportant to most people, including myself. You would rather have us sift through your speeches and photo-op's in the hopes of discovering what you will actually do as president. I don't need to agree with my pick for president on all issues, but I have to know that when I do put my support behind a candidate, I am supporting someone not afraid to bring new ideas to the table. I don't vote on personality alone, I vote on issues. Most people who are serious about voting are hungry for a candidate who will stop short-selling them on the issues, substituting style for substance, and start talking honestly about the problems we face. Put away the consultants paid generously to trick the people into voting for you, and instead rely on selling innovative policy. I know you will find that America is waiting for this new type of candidate and will fall behind you, allowing you to do the difficult job of righting this country and making it a better place. I am relatively young, twenty years old, but I have already become jaded by our political system. I feel like you have the momentum to be something different and I hope the American people will not be disappointed again as we were in 2004.

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