Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bush Responds As Expected

A day after the N.I.E. report was released on the suspended Iranian nuclear development program, Bush has responded as we all knew he would. In a press-conference today he said that the report does not mean Iran is not a threat, and that the U.S. should continue to move aggressively to stop Iran getting a nuclear bomb. What his statements effectively add up to is an attempt to shift the debate away from the N.I.E. report and onto Bush administration terms. The Deputy Director of the N.I.E. specifically said, in so many words, that the agency decided to go public with the report so as not to allow these sort of deceitful political maneuverings. Now at least the general public, or anyone skeptical of Israeli and U.S. goals in regards to Iran, can blatantly see that stopping Iran getting weapons is not the real issue. The question becomes then, what is the real issue? I won't try and answer that now because there is homework to be done. 

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