Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Ok, ok, so I've loaded this blog as of late with tons of clips, articles, and analysis on Nader. Yes it might be a little too much, but I hope it has all been well received. Anyway, this latest clip (gem) that I discovered is probably one of the best, most fearless, speeches I have seen Mr. Nader give. It is a must watch, as in, you've got to watch it. Let me just say that it involves Nader speaking at google, the technology mecca of the world by all accounts, criticizing the information age for its inability to contribute to the political life of this country. After this I promise to temper my posting on all things Nader, at least until we get closer to the election.

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Chris McCormick said...

it's interesting that the only way I would've been able to see this speech is through the internet