Friday, May 30, 2008

Point A to Point B

So I think I will try and turn this blog into a travel log over the next few months. Why you ask? Because I will be traveling in some very interesting places and thought others might like to keep tabs. Also, writing about my time might put this trip in a reflective context which usually comes a few months after a trip. I think it will be good for me to do some writing while I'm over there; it stimulates the mind and gives some real good material to reminisce from. 

The question then is, how will I accomplish this travel log while out and about and without a computer? That bridge will have to be crossed when we get to it; the sooner the better, I'm ready to begin this trip. 
A little about the trip:
My friend Alexander and I will be flying from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv and going on a 10-day all expenses paid "tour" of Israel via Birthright. It should be quite an interesting experience. After this we skip across the Aegean on June 16 to Athens. From there we will be traveling through Greece, then into rustic Albania, up through Montenegro to Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina then down to Croatia and over to Italy. From Italy we will travel to Austria, Czech Republic, and then Berlin, Germany. 
The plans our tentative - my nervousness has already set in. But I'm glad to say I only have had a couple nightmares. Anyway, the point is that The Main Issue is now traveling, and it won't be back until August. 


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