Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Around the Web

I've decided that from time to time I will do what many bloggers do in order to lighten their workload: link to the works of others. I'm going to call these posts "Around the Web," and I will attempt to do them at least every three days so as to offer readers of this blog some interesting bits of reading material. If you have links to suggest, send'em this way.

  • The New Yorker did an elucidating piece on media mogul Haim Saban - the man behind the "Power Rangers" series and merchandising extravaganza - in last weeks magazine. Haim not only did one of the richest media deals in history, he is also a serial tax-evader, fervent Israel supporter, close friend of the Clintons, and major sugar daddy to the Democratic Party. A long read but well worth it. (here)
  • Lloyd Blankfein, top dog at Goldman Sachs, did an interview with Charlie Rose the other day. While the content is not revelatory, what is interesting is seeing how well this guy understands his opponents. Being out-of-touch doesn't pay. (here)
  • It's statistically proven as best as can be expected: every life form on earth is related. (here)
  • Berkeley Professor Barry Eichengreen advices on how to keep the Euro currency together. Should be a useful read for understanding the events of the next few weeks. (here)
  • The markets say California is more likely to default than Greece. Gee-whiz, I live in California! (here)
  • Don't be down California. You've still got San Francisco, where an urban planning revolution is underway - unless SF's Municipal Transportation Authority goes bust due to Cali's woes that is. (here)

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