Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The New "Main Issue"

Today I turned in my last paper at the University of California at Berkeley, which means I am now basically finished with college. So what to do with myself now? Well, I don't think it would be healthy to completely stop writing - I might get withdrawals after all the scribbling I've done this semester. So I've decided to restart "The Main Issue." Not only will this save me from the intellectual abyss of post-uni life, but it will also give all three of my readers an opportunity to know what I'm reading and thinking - lucky you! But seriously, there are a lot of important political, economic, environmental and social events that I believe I can offer a unique perspective on. And on issues in which my expertise does not suffice, I will point readers towards articles, authors, books, and blogs that will hopefully be insightful and erudite. That is my humble promise to those who decide to check up on my blog.
This is the new and improved "Main Issue." I promise that it will not disappoint.

Brett Thurber

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