Monday, November 12, 2007

Colin Powell, where are you?

This is not to say I want you back Colin. I just want to know where you are, that's all.
It's been about three years since Colin (the reluctant cheerleader was probably his nickname inside the White House) left the corridors of power and returned to civilian life. His career in government, to me, can be characterized as sad. He championed a doctrine - a whole doctrine - bearing his name which was subsequently ignored by the Bush administration while he was in office. If that isn't sad I don't know what is. He also was made into the publicity puppet for the neocons, putting his credibility on the line to present "bullshit" - allegedly Colin's words to describe the script detailing Iraq's WMD's (see here) - to the U.N. Not so much sad as pathetic. After Bush won reelection in 2004 with a "mandate" to rule as he saw fit, he swept Colin out the door, replacing him with the more docile Condoleezza Rice.
After that Colin really went off the radar. He popped up in 2005 to timidly, and in secret telephone conversations, cast concern on Mr. Bush's U.N.-hating U.N. ambassador pick, John R. Bolton. He also "talk[ed] about foreign policy matters and military matters" with Barack Obama. Missing are any tell-all expositions of what went wrong in the lead-up to war in Iraq. I guess the guy's too busy giving interviews with GQ magazine and becoming a "limited" partner at the venture capital firm KPCB. He's actually a "strategic limited partner" so I guess he is only employed strategically (I thought that was funny). Oh, and I forgot one more thing: he's also busy appearing with Joe Montana at a tacky - and I mean tacky, check it out here - motivational speaker seminar where you can "send your entire office for only $19".
All I've got to say is that if you are reading this Colin I would really like to get you a speaking engagement on national television - we can call it motivational if you'd like - where you come out and tell the American people that you are sorry for not standing up and stopping the lies that have cost the lives of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands, if not over a million, Iraqis.

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