Saturday, November 10, 2007

No End in Sight

The documentary No End in Sight by Charles Ferguson will leave you unspeakably angry. It will show you how the United States destroyed a country, destroying the lives of 30 million people. It will also show you a few individuals who knew about, and to varying degrees, participated in the catastrophe, and yet did not say a thing, did not speak up, did not condemn this administration for gross incompetence and war crimes without the prodding of journalists and filmmakers like Mr. Ferguson. 

It will leave you with questions: Why has there been tepid to nonexistent investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the Iraq atrocity? This film is a veritable line-item indictment and yet Ms. Pelosi has taken impeachment "off the table." It will leave you convinced that something is wrong with our federal bureaucracy when the civil service is staffed by pathetic yes men who are incapable of speaking truth to power or even informing the American citizens who pay their salaries. Where were these guys during the 2004 election? They knew what was going on, why didn't they say anything? 
This is not a documentary that lets you know how you can get involved to help. This begs the question of whether anything can be done. Those in Washington have their own agenda, even the ones who say that their constituents agenda and their own is one and the same. They will continue funding the war while they emphatically emphasize to the news media that they are doing all they can to both support the troops and bring them home, while doing neither. And lost in all of this political showmanship are the Iraqis. When it comes down to it, the Iraqis are just contingencies, barely statistics, and never worth more then an eightieth of an American casualty. 
I am sad and I am angry. Justice being served on those responsible for the Iraqi catastrophe is all that is left to infinitesimally soothe the destruction and pain they have caused. If Nancy Pelosi can not give us even that then we cannot support her. We cannot support her and we must do all we can to show her that we will not support her until she at least tries to administer justice. Anything less, like sending an impeachment bill to committee so it wouldn't come to a vote, is an insult to her constituents, to the country, and to the millions of Iraqis who are casualties of this imposed war. 

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