Thursday, February 14, 2008

Damning Tidbit on Hillary Clinton

Within a very interesting article by Foreign Policy in Focus on the hawkish foreign policy positions of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) - which can be read here - there was some damning information regarding presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's own hawkishness in the lead-up to war in Iraq. The AFT leadership admits that their initial support for war with Iraq was wrongheaded, but, as Stephen Zunes writes in the article, they "quietly acknowledge that it was actually the testimony of Senator Hillary Clinton before a meeting of labor leaders in 2002 that played a major role in convincing them that there was still an ongoing Iraqi threat".
Now I'll admit that I never did follow Clinton's position on a possible war with Iraq before she voted to authorize the use of force, but this information implicating Clinton as not merely a duped senator, but a wholesale promoter of the war is damning. She ought to be ashamed, not running for president.

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