Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kosovo Independence: It's Complicated

I wish a could write a long winded article on the current situation in Kosovo, but sadly I cannot. The truth is I don't know much about the history of the region and I don't want to sound off like an expert knowing that there is still much to know. I was not fully involved in following current events in 1999, when Clinton ordered NATO conducted air assaults on Serbia, and I haven't read any in-depth piece on the Balkans region; aside from the standard Franz Ferdinand, Black Hand WWI articles.
With that said I can confidently assure my readers that what we know about the situation over there, including all the simple good versus bad arguments that are propagated by the U.S. government/media as well as other NATO countries, is far from the whole story. I will try to catch up on my recent history and post something more balanced than what we are getting from U.S. foreign policy apologists, but such an article will not be ready for a while. Until then, feel free to read up on the Kosovo situation - I guarantee that it will be very interesting - and remember: question, question, question.

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