Saturday, February 23, 2008

East Timor

Leave it to to provide the only truly revelatory insight around on the current situation in East Timor. The article by Mike Head posted on February 19th - here, read it! - for one, gives the context sorely lacking in articles by "reputable" American journalism stalwarts like The New York Times and the Washington Post. Without such context how are we to judge the benefactors of the failed assassination attempt on President Ramos-Horta and the alleged attempt on Prime Minister Gusmao. Also, without context, how are we to judge the intent of the continued and augmented presence of Australian military forces, which claim to be in East Timor to keep the peace. 

On the most superficial level, the wsws article is simply much more interesting than the simplistic articles by most media outlets. I thought that making your product interesting was fundamentally necessary in the news business. 
It is simply beguiling why our newspapers can't get it together to give readers a better idea of the situation in such hot-spots as East Timor, and why they cannot simply come out with the disturbing truths about the U.S., and in this case Australia's, long and pretty much exclusively nefarious role in world events. I am not going to go over the whole situation over in East Timor in this post. For that I urge you to check out the original article - here

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