Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Taxi to the Dark Side

"Taxi to the Dark Side", the new film exposé of past and present U.S. torture in this ongoing "war on terror," was slated to be broadcast on the Discovery Channel. But, like many U.S. television stations before it, the Discovery Channel, which owns exclusive broadcasting rights to the film, has decided to not broadcast the film, because they find it "to controversial". Damn right it's controversial, as it should be. The film is about ongoing U.S. torture! So, as has been pointed out before, as Fox broadcasts Jack Bower on 24 torturing fictional terrorists, we are being spared the controversy of learning about our own governments sickening use of torture. This is a complete disgrace. I urge all Main Issue readers to go to Discovery Channel's contact website (here) and tell them that you either want them to broadcast the documentary, or at the least, sell it off to someone who will. If you would like, you can copy and paste what I wrote to them (below). Don't be deterred by the tedious contacting-discovery-channel protocol.

I have just heard the news that the Discovery Channel has decided to not broadcast the incredibly important documentary "Taxi to the Dark Side". This is extremely disappointing. As a company committed to educating the public, you are obligated to either show the program that you have already purchased, or at the very least, sell it to another television station so that they can broadcast this important and pertinent film. "Sitting" on the film for the three years that you have exclusive broadcasting rights is unacceptable. I hope that the Discovery Channel will do what is right for the sake of our democracy. Thank you.

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