Thursday, February 28, 2008

Matt Gonzalez is Ralph Nader's VP

I am very, very excited right now. Not only are we going to get, more likely than not, a fairly charismatic Democratic presidential nominee in Barack Obama, a stodgy Republican, and Ralph Nader, the intrepid consumer rights advocate, but we are also going to have San Francisco's adopted own, Matt Gonzalez, playing a pivotal role in this years election as Ralph Nader's Vice President. I knew that Matt Gonzalez was on Nader's team for a while now, working with the campaign on who-knew-what, but now it is clear that he is going to be taking a central role in this years election. All I can say is what a great ticket. Below I am including a video of Matt Gonzalez talking about what he hopes to bring to the Nader '08 ticket.

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